IASE organizes yearly diverse kinds of conferences of different sizes and scopes, and sponsors other events and collaborations, in order to respond to the diverse needs of the dynamic field of statistics education. Thus, every year you can find somewhere around the world a relevant gathering with a focus on statistics education. Proceedings or lists of papers presented at the conferences listed on this page can be viewed in the Conference Proceedings.


The ICOTS conferences, held by IASE every 4 years, are the most important events on the international statistics education calendar. ICOTS stands for International Conference on Teaching Statistics.

  • ICOTS 11➶ will be held in Rosario, Argentina in September 2022.
  • ICOTS 10➶ was held in Kyoto, Japan, July 2018.
  • ICOTS 9➶, was held in Flagstaff, Arizona, USA, July, 2014.
  • ICOTS 8➶, was held in Ljubljana, Slovenia in July 2010. For a report on ICOTS8, see IASE News.
  • ICOTS 7➶, was held in Brazil in July 2006.

World Statistics Congresses of the ISI

These are the main conferences of the International Statistical Institute (ISI) and occur every two years. IASE organizes and sponsors sessions on statistics education at each ISI congress, creating a conference-within-a-conference.

The 64th World Statistics Congress (WSC64➶), organized by the International Statistical Institute (ISI) will be held in Ottawa 2023.

  • The 63rd World Statistics Congress (WSC63➶), was held online from 11 - 16 July 2021. IASE organized within WSC63 several Invited Paper Sessions, Special Topics Sessions, various Contributed Paper sessions, posters, and other special lectures.
  • The 62nd World Statistics Congress (WSC62➶), was held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from 18 - 23 August 2019. IASE organized within WSC62 several Invited Paper Sessions, Special Topics Sessions, various Contributed Paper sessions, posters, and other special lectures.
  • The 61st World Statistics Congress (WSC61➶) was held in Marrakesh, Morocco from 16 - 21 July 2017. IASE organized within WSC61 several Invited Paper Sessions, Special Topics Sessions, various Contributed Paper sessions, posters, and other special lectures.
  • The 60th World Statistics Congress (WSC60➶) was held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in 2015. Previous WSC were held in Hong Kong, China (WSC59, 2013), Dublin, Ireland (WSC58, 2011), in Durban, South Africa (WSC57, 2009), Lisbon, Portugal (WSC56, 2007), and Sydney, Australia (WSC55, 2005), and so forth. In each of them IASE organized Invited Paper Sessions, Special Topics Sessions, various Contributed Paper sessions, posters, and other special lectures. To see papers presented at these and prior meetings, refer to Conference Proceedings.

IASE Satellite Conferences

These conferences are held immediately before or after the ISI World Statistics Congress, each on a different theme. The Satellites usually host about 80-120 participants and enable delegates a further focus on statistics education in a relaxed, more informal and intimate atmosphere.

To see papers presented at these meetings refer to Conference Proceedings.

  • The next IASE Satellite conference will be held August 30 - September 4, 2021 online (due to the Covid pandemic), on the theme “Statistics Education in the Era of Data Science” (Satellite website➶).

Prior Satellite meetings were as follows:

2019 in Kuala Lumpur, Malasia➶ Theme: Decision Making Based on Data; before WSC62;

2017 in Rabat, Morocco➶ Theme: Teaching Statistics in a Data Rich World; before WSC61;

2015 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil➶ Theme: Advances in Statistics Education: developments, experiences and assessments; before WSC60;

2013 in Macao.➶ Theme: Statistics Education for Progress: Youth and Official Statistics; before WSC 59;

2011 in Dublin, Ireland. Theme: Statistics Education and Outreach; before WSC58;

2009 in Durban, South Africa. Theme: Next Steps in Statistics Education; before WSC57;

2007 in Guimarães, Portugal. Theme: Asssing Student Learning in Statistics; before WSC56;

2005 in Sydney, Australia. Theme: Statistics Education and Communication of Statistics, before WSC55;

2003 in Berlin, Germany. Theme: Statistics and the Internet; before WSC54;

2001 in Seoul, Korea. Theme: Statistical Literacy; before WSC53;

1993 in Perugia, Italy. First IASE Scientific Meeting; before WSC49.

IASE Roundtables

These are small workshop conferences which bring together a select international group of experts to address a particular theme and to make recommendations from which institutions and individuals engaged in statistical education and training (in developed and developing countries) may benefit. They are held immediately before the quadrennial ICME conferences.

International Congresses in Mathematical Education (ICME)

IASE also supports a suite of statistics education sessions at each ICME conference. Links to recent conferences (in Korea, Germany and China) and to the next planned conference (Australia) can be found here➶.

International Research Forum on Statistical Reasoning, Thinking and Literacy, SRTL

The SRTL is an invitational biennial forum bringing together researchers working in the fields of statistical reasoning, statistical thinking and statistical literacy. While not run by IASE itself, the SRTL series is organized and run by IASE members and we are glad to promote it on our website given its proven contribution to knowledge and practice in statistics education. Further information about SRTL


IASE periodically provides support, advice and people to assist with other conferences around the world which are addressing or including statistics education themes.