IASE, the International Association for Statistical Education, seeks to promote, support and improve statistical education at all levels everywhere around the world. It is the international umbrella organization for statistics education. It fosters international cooperation, and stimulates discussion and research. It disseminates ideas, strategies, research findings, materials and information using publications, international conferences, and increasingly, this website.

IASE is the education section of the International Statistical Institute (ISI). Join us if you wish to participate in IASE’s activities, or to support the work on improving statistics education and extending its outreach.

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Online resources promoting statistical literacy across the world, among young and adults.

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Upcoming conferences

IASE Satellite to 2017 World Statistics Congress
Rabat, Morocco
11-14 July 2017

ISI World Statistics Congress WSC61
Marrakech, Morocco
16–21 July 2017

The IASE is formally constituted as the education section of the International Statistical Institute (ISI).