The International Conference on Teaching Statistics (ICOTS➶) is held every four years in different parts of the world. This conference is organized by the IASE. The main purpose of ICOTS is to give statistics educators and professionals around the world the opportunity to exchange information, ideas and experiences, to present recent innovation and research in the field of statistics education, and to expand their range of collaborators.


Papers from the education sections of the ISI conference, held every 4 years.

IASE Satellites

The short satellite meetings give participants the opportunity to spend up to two days focusing on a special interest topic related to Statistics Education immediately before an ISI Biennial meeting. Each has been intended to be of interest to a wide cross section of society including teachers, educational administrators, and researchers in statistics education.

IASE Round Tables

Held every four years, the Round Table Conferences provide a forum for a smaller group of participants focussing discussions on a selection of topics within Statistics Education.

IASE at other meetings

Sessions of other conferences that have a Statistics Education theme relevant to IASE.