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ISLP Poster Competition 2014-2015


This competition has now finished and International prizewinners announced.

You may be interested in ISLP poster session presentation 2015 which has valuable advice about designing and presenting a poster; it was written by James Nicholson, Alejandra Sorto and Pedro Campos.

The competition

ISLP is pleased to announce the International Poster Competition for 2014-2015. The competition invites school students from around the world to design a statistical poster. The poster can be about any topic. However, the posters should reflect or illustrate usage analysis, interpretation and communication of statistics or statistical information.

There will be a National competition within each country involved, followed by an International competition to determine the overall winners. These will be announced and the posters displayed at the 60th Congress of the ISI in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil during July 2015.


The registration has now begun. The competition is open to teams of 2 to 3 students. There are two categories

  • students born in 1999 and younger
  • students born in 1996 and younger

Teams are registered by teachers. Teachers will inform the country coordinator of their home country of participants. The country coordinator informs Reija Helenius (reija.helenius@stat.fi) of the amount of participants. If you don’t find your country’s coordinator from this list please inform ISLP director Reija.Helenius@stat.fi.

The ISLP team wishes everybody good luck for the competition!

Timetable, Information and Guides

Note for country coordinators: winning posters from your national competition should be uploaded to the website by 14th March 2015.

National competition pages

Australia: www.ssaipostercomp.info/

Finland: tilastokoulu.stat.fi

Poland: www.islp.edu.pl

Hungary: www.eco.u-szeged.hu/statisztikaverseny

Greece: islp-greece.weebly.com


  • Chair: Alejandra M. Sorto (USA)
  • Ayse Bilgin, (Australia)
  • Tae Rim Lee, (Korea)
  • Liliana Tauber, (Argentina)
  • Joachim Engel, (Germany)


Prizes in both International Competition divisions are: €450 for 1st, €300 for 2nd, €200 for 3rd team.


Finland's national competition: Economic Information Office, the Otava Publishing Company Ltd and the Nokia Corporation, Technology Industries of Finland Centennial Foundation.

International competition: The Nokia Corporation, Technology Industries of Finland Centennial Foundation, Mexico’s National competition: National Autonomus University of Mexico (UNAM).


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