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SERJ is a peer-reviewed electronic journal of the International Association for Statistical Education (IASE) and the International Statistical Institute (ISI). SERJ is published twice a year and is free.

Special Section: Reasoning about Variation, Guest Editors: Joan Garfield and Dani Ben-Zvi

  • Complete issue. This issue includes the following featured papers:
  • Expanding Conceptions of Statistical Literacy: An Analysis of Products from Statistics Agencies
    Iddo Gal
  • Assessing Statistical Reasoning
    Joan B. Garfield
  • Relationships between Students’ Experience of Learning Statistics and Teaching Statistics
    Peter Petocz and Anna Reid
  • Evaluación de la Comprensión de la Correlación y Regresión a partir de la Resolución de Problemas
    Antonio Estepa and Francisco Tomás Sánchez-Cobo
  • Erratum to Vol. 2 No. 1

  • Complete issue. This issue includes the following featured papers:
  • An Exploration of Students’ Statistical Thinking with Given Data
    Maxine Pfannkuch and Amanda Rubick
  • Teaching Students the Stochastic Nature of Statistical Concepts in an Introductory Statistics Course
    Maria Meletiou-Mavrotheris and Carl Lee
  • New Approaches to Gathering Data on Student Learning for Research in Statistics Education
    Beth L. Chance and Joan B. Garfield
  • Undergraduate Courses in Dental Statistics in Britain and Ireland
    Nigel Smeeton
  • Some Basic References for the Teaching of Undergraduate Statistics
    Peter Holmes

  • Complete issue. This issue includes the following:
  • Material about John M. Truran
  • Sharing Experiences in the Training of Researchers (collection of short pieces)
  • Summaries of Presentations at STRL-2 (Statistical Reasoning, Thinking, and Literacy)
  • Conceptions of Variation: A Literature Review
    Maria Meletiou

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