ISI 2011: 58th World Statistics Congress of the International Statistical Institute

21-26 August 2011, Dublin, Ireland

ISI 58th WSC website

This is the main conference of the International Statistical Institute (ISI) and was held in Dublin, Ireland, 21-26 August, 2011. These conferences are held every two years. As it does at each major ISI conference, IASE organizes about 10 statistics education sessions

IPS47 Applying results of statistics education research to teaching statistics.

Organizer:Joan Garfield (USA)

Description: How can we best apply the results of educational research to teaching statistics? How can statistics education be embedded in a research context?

IPS48 Teaching Courses in Probability Modelling

Organizer:Allan Rossman (USA)

Description: In the past there has been much greater emphasis on improving the Introductory Statistics course than on how to teach Probability Modelling. We will explore how to address this imbalance.

IPS49 Should one attempt to integrate qualitative research approaches in traditional statistics courses? If yes, how?

Organizer:Irena Ograjensek (Slovenia), Iddo Gal (Israel)

Description: Is it appropriate for a statistics course to include qualitiative research approaches? This session will consider the arguments for and against inclusion.

IPS50 Opportunities and pitfalls of e-learning, virtual learning environments and open education resources

Organizer:Rolf Biehler (Germany), Abbas Bazargan (Iran)

Description: The purpose of this IPM is to consider the potentialities and pitfalls of e-learning resources and analyze their impact on statistics education.

IPS51 Enhancing statistics education through international cooperation and the use of international data (joint with IAOS)

Organizer:Reija Helenius (Finland)

Description: Internationalising the Statistical Education experience through cooperation in training, teaching, research and the use of international comparisons of data.

IPS52 Teaching sampling techniques in agriculture, biology and social sciences

Organizer:Carla Rossi (Italy) , Alvaro Gonzalez Villalobos (Argentina)

Description: How can sampling methods such as capture-recapture methods be used as a tool to introduce basic concepts in probability and statistics for biology and social sciences undergraduate courses?

IPS53 Using popular books and entertainment in teaching statistics.

Organizer:Patrick Murphy (Ireland)

Description: The aim of this session is to explore how materials from popular culture may be used to enhance student engagement and understanding in the statistics classroom.

IPS17 Risk communication to a lay audience reflecting uncertainty and variability issues (Risk Committee with IASE assistance)

Organizer:John Bailer (USA), Lutz Edler (Germany), Helen MacGillivray (Australia)

STS Statistical Literacy and Social Statistics

Organizer:Milo Schield (USA)

Description: To review new initiatives involving the teaching of statistical literacy and critical thinking to help students read and interpret summary social statistics in the everyday media