IASE 2017 Satellite Conference
Teaching Statistics in a Data Rich World
11 – 14 July 2017, Rabat, Morocco

Online registration


This page includes information on registration procedures, pre-conference workshops, and conference dinner. For information about hotels, please look under Local information.

The registration involves three steps:

Step 1: Registration Fees

Registration CategoryEarlyRegularOn site
to 30 April1 May to 04 July11 July or later
1. Members of IASE, ISI, or other ISI associations170 EUR190 EUR245 EUR
2. Non Members (to join IASE see Note 9)230 EUR250 EUR310 EUR
3. Reduced fees (see Note 2)85 EUR95 EUR125 EUR

Important Notes:

  1. Cancellation policy: Before you register, please be aware of our refund policy: Cancellation and refund policy
  2. Reduced fees: People from the following five groups are entitled to a reduced fee (i.e., to the fee listed in category 3 in the table above): students, primary and secondary school teachers, retired persons, delegates from the host country (Morocco), and delegates from any other developing country. If you belong to any of the above five groups you are entitled to a reduced fee, regardless of whether you are a member or a non-member of IASE/ISI/other ISI association. A list of all developing countries recognized by the ISI can be found here. Please check this list to decide if you are from a country that is entitled for a reduced fee.
  3. What the registration fee covers: Conference materials, admission to all sessions, opening and closing ceremonies, and coffee/tea breaks. It does not include Lunch or Dinner. A Conference Dinner Ticket can be purchased separately - see Step 2 below.
  4. Credit card and PayPal payment: All amounts in the table above are in EUR and cover payment by Credit Card only. Note: Credit card transactions are processed via PayPal (you do not need to have a PayPal account to pay with a credit card) so when paying you might see the amount due converted from EUR to your local currency. Your credit card statement will have a note PayPal*IASE. Link to Credit card and PayPal payments.
  5. Payments by bank (wire) transfer: These are possible only until July 4. Bank transfers will be handled by the ISI Office in Holland (and are paid in Euro!) — see details of cost and process of payment by a bank transfer. Please be aware that a bank transfer is more expensive for you since you also have to pay an extra transaction fee charged by your own bank, beyond the fee listed in the Details for bank transfers. Please send the scanned proof of payment to the organizers locc.iase@gmail.com
  6. Registration of Authors of papers or posters: May 05 is the final date for registration and payment for presenting authors of papers or posters. At least one author for each paper or poster must be registered by that date, to enable its inclusion in the program. Papers without a registered author by May 05 will have to be removed.
  7. On-site payments: Will be possible using credit card payment only at the registration desk. No Bank cheques or cash will be accepted on-site, given extra taxes due to Moroccan laws.
  8. How to become a member of IASE: If you are not an IASE or ISI member and want to benefit from the “member” reduced rate, first sign up as a member via the IASE membership page or the Online form, and only then register for the conference. The IASE membership fee is 45 Euro for persons from developed countries, and 14 Euro for persons from developing countries, students, primary and secondary school teachers, and retired. Come join us!
  9. Inclusion in the program and publications Only in-person presentations are acceptable. After the conference, we will publish the final revised program and abstract book, that will reflect the actual sessions, and will include only the presentations that were actually presented during the conference. Non-presenting authors will not be able to publish their papers in the proceedings, regardless of the fee payments.

Step 2: Conference Dinner (optional)

Fee: 45EUR per person (if paid as part of the registration process and registration fee payment)

(Note: Fee for Dinner Ticket will be 50EUR if paid on-site on July 11 or 12. All payments on-site will be by credit card only).

The conference dinner will take place on Day 2, July 13.

Step 3: Pre-conference workshops (optional)

Fee: Free (no charge, courtesy of the sponsors, thanks!)

Five pre-conference workshops are offered. They are free for delegates *but* space is limited and pre-registration is required! Please note the workshop language and choose carefully, only one! Please register only if you really intend to attend the workshop, to make sure all places are filled as we anticipate high demand. Click here for further details about the workshops and presenters

Workshop TitlePresenter(s)DateTimeLanguage
ABuilding Data and Statistical Literacy in SudanHarshil Parikh (Tuva Labs, USA)July 1109:00-12:00English
BTowards a country-level federated platform for big data and statistics education based on Amazon Web Services, AWS Educate and RosettaHUBKarim Chine and Latifa Bouabdillah (RosettaHUB, UK)July 1109:00-12:00English
CSee Why Students Love JMPVolker Kraft (SAS Institute, Germany)July 1114:00-17:00English
DReconceptualising Statistical LiteracyJim Ridgway and James Nicholson (University of Durham, UK)July 1114:00-17:00English
EUsing IPUMS Data to Address Sustainable Development Goals: Analysis of Real World Policy Challenges using Real World DataLara Cleveland and Kristen Jeffers (University of Minnesota, USA)July 1114:00-17:00English

Other details:

For information about hotels (lodging) or about Rabat and travel to Morocco, please look under Local information. There you can also find information about the distance of the suggested conference hotels from the conference venue, transport advice, and more.