IASE 2017 Satellite Conference
Teaching Statistics in a Data Rich World
11 – 14 July 2017, Rabat, Morocco

About the Conference Committees, Organizers and Sponsors

International Program Committee (IPC)

Ayse Bilgin (Chair) (Macquarie University, Australia)
Abdelhak Zoglat (LOC Chair, University Mohammad V, Morocco)
Bruno de Sousa (Universidade de Coimbra, Portugal)
Fayez Mina (Egypt)
Gail Burrill (Michigan State University , USA)
Adam Molnar (Proceedings editor, Oklahoma State University, USA)

Local Organising Committee (LOC)

Zoglat Abdelhak (Chair) (Faculty of Sciences, University Mohammad V, Morocco)
Belbachir Mohammadine (Faculty of Sciences, University Mohammad V, Morocco)
EL Himdi Khalid (Faculty of Sciences, University Mohammad V, Morocco)
Benbachir Saad (Faculty of Law and Economics, University Mohammed V, Morocco)
Ezzahid Elhadj (Faculty of Law and Economics, University Mohammed V, Morocco)
Chaoubi Abdelaziz (Institut National de Statistique et d’Economie Appliquée, Morocco)
El Ghani Ahmed (Faculty of Law and Economics, University Mohammed V, Morocco)

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Organizers and Sponsors

The conference is co-organized by the International Association for Statistical Education (IASE) and Faculty of Sciences at Mahammed V University (UM5), and sponsored by ISI (International Statistical Institute), IAOS (International Association for Official Statistics) and, SAS Institute/JMP Division,.

Below is more information about these organizations and institutions.


The International Association for Statistical Education (IASE), is the international umbrella organization for statistics education, and is the education section of the International Statistical Institute (ISI). IASE seeks to promote, support and improve statistical education at all levels around the world, and help the understanding and use of information involving statistics and probability. IASE fosters international cooperation, stimulates discussion and encourages and publishes relevant research. It disseminates ideas, strategies, research findings, materials, educational resources and information via its publications, international conferences, and websites.

IASE meetings are lively, informal gatherings that draw together many people, professionals and students interested in the learning, teaching, and understanding of statistics and probability at schools and universities, in the workplace, and in professional and societal contexts, whether as part of statistics education, mathematics or science education, in connection with the work of official statistics agencies and other data producers, and in many other contexts.

Visit the IASE website to find out more about IASE and its activities.

Join IASE to network with the world-wide statistics education community and obtain discounted registration to all international activities of IASE.

Visit the website of the 61th World Statistics Congress (WSC61). This large conference takes place from July 16-21, in Marrakesh. WSC61 is organized by the International Statistical Institute (ISI), the worldwide network of statisticians and those interested in statistics in all disciplines, of which IASE is a part.


The Mohammed V University of Rabat has been created in 1957 in a spirit of modernization and emancipation of the nation. As the first modern university, it had to meet the challenge to form executives to propel the economic and social development of Morocco as a new independent nation. This institution widely justifies its reputation today by accumulating more than half a century offering various formation programs in all disciplinary fields: human arts and sciences, Legal, economic and social Sciences, Exact sciences, Engineering sciences and Medical Sciences.

More information about UM5


The International Association for Official Statistics is an international organization that brings together producers and users of official statistics. Its objectives are to promote the understanding and advancement of official statistics and to foster the development of effective and efficient official statistical services on a global basis. IAOS is a member of the International Statistical Institute (ISI).

More information about IAOS

SAS Institute / JMP Division

JMP is a desktop statistical discovery software from SAS that links interactive graphs with deep statistics. In the classroom, its visual approach to data exploration and analysis promotes understanding and collaboration. JMP reveals context and insight not seen in a table of numbers. The academic version of the software includes the same comprehensive and extensible capabilities that are used in the industry version. JMP is available for both Macintosh and Windows systems.

More information about JMP


IPUMS-International is a global partnership of national statistical offices, international organizations and university researchers. Our goals are to preserve, harmonize, and disseminate confidentialized census data and documentation to qualified researchers and educators world-wide, free of charge. With the June 2015 data release, the database will deliver data from 82 countries and 277 census samples with over 610 million person records available. Included in these totals, are micro-data samples from the 2010-round of census taking for 41 countries. The datasets are also available for classroom use, with an option for instructors to register their class. Students then use the class code when applying for access to the data. The IPUMS-International project is housed at the Minnesota Population Center, University of Minnesota, USA.

More information about IPUMS-International