Action Plan 2014-2015 Schedule

Main tasks, timetable, persons responsible and results

An action planAt the beginning of every yearDrafting of an action plan to be commented by the advisory board (AB).Reija HeleniusSteve MacFeely, Pedro Campos, Iddo GalReady, will be updated regularly.
Appointment of advisory board (AB)Every second year from 2014Composition and invitationsIddo GalISI Permanent OfficeAppointed; link
Recruitment of the council of country/region coordinatorFrom the beginning of 2010Call for applications/proposalsReija HeleniusCall is ongoing all the time.
From the beginning of 2010Nomination of the country coordinators.Reija Helenius136 country coordinators nominated: link. Call for new coordinators
From the beginning of 2010Informing the appointees (and other applicants).Reija HeleniusDone on the website.
Editing and updating ISLP web pagesWebsite is up-to-date.
Informing about main events and other topics of current interest in the ISLP web pages regularly/continuously.Pedro Campos, John Shanks, Jaana KestiDone periodically
Selection and nomination of the new ISLP web resource coordinatorsFrom the beginning of 2011The AB, ISLP executiveCall for page coordinators done 2012-2013 without result. Demands action from the AB how to proceed with the ISLP web resources.
- Technical assistanceSupport in maintenance and updating problems.John ShanksPedro Campos, Jaana Kesti
The ISLP-Newsletter (2 times in a year)Gathering and editing topical information of current interest.Shared responsibility by ISLP executive.The Council of country coordinators and the advisory boardDone mostly twice a year. The next issue is due late 2015.
National and international statistical literacy competitionsEvery second year from 2010ISLP executive, advisory board, country coordinators, (lead by Statistics Ireland)ISI, IAOS, Jaana KestiRecently run Poster competition 2014-2015. The next competition is 2016-2017.
Formulating the ISLP strategy with the general aim of contributing to statistical literacy across the world, among young and adults, in all phases of life.2010ISLP executive (lead by ISLP Director)Council of country coordinators, the advisory boardWork has been in progress since 2012. The final report is under translation.
Seeking funds and sponsorsFrom 2010Identifying the possibilities in national and international level.The advisory board (international level), Council of country coordinators (national level)ISLP Executive and ISI permanent officeDone by Reija Helenius from Finland.
World Statistics Day 201520.10.2015Highlight the role of official statistics.Reija Helenius, council of country coordinators, IAOSISLP Executive, the advisory board
Activities of country coordinatorsfrom 2010For example: María Inés Rodriguez (Argentina): “First Regional Statistics Olympics” in September 2010.Country coordinatorsISLP Executive, the advisory boardReleased on the ISLP Newsletter.
The Best Cooperative Awardevery second year from 2010To organize award competition and update the rulesSteve MacFeely