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1st Edition, 2008, Coordinated by Juana Sanchez


It is a hidden secret that some Government Statistical Offices are doing as much as or more for Statistical Literacy of their countries than Academics, Departments of Education and Statistical Societies. It is for this reason that the ISLP asked the directors of some of the most successful statistical literacy programs of government statistical offices to explain how they do it. This book contains the chapters that summarize their efforts and their programs in detail. Some of these programs are award winning programs, like Statistics Canada’s and Statistics Portugal’s. We hope with this publication to provide examples for other countries to imitate and to provide the contacts that these countries can dialogue with. The inspiration for this book came from the compilation of government statistical offices done by the ISLP years ago under the leadership of Reija Helenius and maintained subsequently by her, Paola Guiache and Carol Blumberg. These pages can be found at programs and training and are still maintained.


Cover Page➶ by Juana Sanchez

Front Matter, Foreword

Chapter 1Using Statistics to make Sensse of Data and Summarized Information: the Role of NSOs, by Juana Sanchez, Department of Statitics, UCLA

Chapter 2Thinking with Data: The Role of ALEA in Promoting Statistical Literacy in Portugal, by Pedro Campos, Statistics Portugal

Chapter 3Raising statistical capability: Statistics New Zealand’s contribution, by Sharleen D. Forbes, Statistics New Zealand

Chapter 4Statistics Canada, by Mary Townsend, Statistics Canada

Chapter 5Statistics Finland, by Reija Helenius, Statistics Finland

Chapter 6Italy National Institute of Statistics: emphasizing the Metadata, by Paola Guiacché, Italy National Institute of Statistics

Chapter 7Australian Bureau of Statistics, by Paul W. Taylor, Australian Bureau of Statistics

Chapter 8Less Comprehensive and Discontinued Programs, by Juana Sanchez, UCLA Department of Statistics