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JMP Student Edition – Freely Available for ISLP Poster Competition

Starting in 2024, JMP Student Subscription➶ is freely available for creating powerful graphics and data analytics in the ISLP poster competition. JMP Student Subscription is very easy to learn, and its comprehensive statistics and visualizations make it ideal to tell the stories behind your data – without any coding.

JMP has many options to import data, to create and customize compelling visuals, and to export results. Its unique progressive and visual interface makes JMP the preferred toolset in most industries➶ and in academia.

For more information about JMP Student Subscription including how to get it, use it and resources for learning it, please follow the links below. To download JMP Student Subscription, ISLP students, country coordinators and educators prove their academic status online during an authentication step (authorization codes we shared in the past are not needed anymore). All ISLP users are asked to enter “ISLP” in the course name field.

JMP➶ is a subsidiary of SAS that produces interactive software for desktop statistical discovery.

Information for country coordinators

JMP Student Subscription will be available for students, teachers, faculty staff and country coordinators, who participate in or promote the competition. Students are free to use any software or tools in their work.

The license will be valid for 12 months and can be renewed for another 12 months if academic status has been authenticated again.

Country coordinators only need to send their students to the Student Subscription landing page www.jmp.com/student➶. More guidance, tips and tricks can be found following the links at the bottom of this page, like the JMP user community, the online documentation and an online statistics course.

The free online course➶ teaching Statistical Thinking is recommended to all students who want to recap on statistical concepts and improve their statistical literacy.

JMP Introductory Workshop

On the 23rd of May, 2024, Volker Kraft held a introductory workshop on how to use JMP to create statistical charts, graphs, and many other visualisations. This workshop is a highly recommended resource, also for teachers, who want to facilitate the usage of statistics in students' posters. Take a look here! or through YouTube

On YouTube students can watch an older “JMP Tutorial for Posters”,➶ another getting started resource especially created for ISLP students.

Landing page for all ISLP users:


Other links:

JMP product overview and short video

JMP support with system requirements

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