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Call for Voluntary ISLP Page Coordinators

Editing and updating ISLP web pages is one of the main tasks of the ISLP action plan for this period. Therefore, we are restructuring the web pages around four main topics (some of them are then subdivided in other topics), as you can see from the list at the end of this message.

To complete this task we are now looking for volunteers that will act as ISLP page coordinators. These ISLP page coordinators will be in charge of editing and updating one (or more) of these topics. If you are interested in being an ISLP page coordinator, please contact us before the end of September.

List of topics for ISLP web pages:

1. Statistical Literacy

1.1 Definitions of Stats Literacy

1.2. General Resources on Stats Literacy

1.3. Resources by Country (updated by each country’s country coordinator)

1.4. Assessment of Stats Literacy

2. Teaching and Learning

2.1. Teachers/Resources and Training

2.2. Adults learners and educators

2.3. Census for Children

2.4. Articles with Statistics

3. Journalists/Media

4. National statistical offices

For more information, please contact ISLP Deputy Director Pedro Campos.

Best wishes, ISLP Director Reija Helenius

Action Plan Schedule

Action Plan Schedule

Components of proposal for ISLP competition

Component Comment
Goals, form and format Poster
Period, rules, categories and target groups, registration, informing National competitions
Planning tests for national competitions Just one round, period autumn 2010-spring 2011
Examining posters Schools, country representatives and their network
Nature of final (the international competition) Suggest posters sent to ISI and displayed for all ISI delegates to see or virtual final in Internet
Examining final Committee to be determined
Funding Country coordinators in national level, ISLP executive (international level)
Translations Country coordinators and their network
Publicity National societies, national statistical offices, IASE, IAOS, ISI