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Our Mission

The mission of the International Statistical Literacy Project (ISLP) is to support, create and participate in statistical literacy activities and promotion around the world. To facilitate communication among many countries and projects, we support this webpage, which is a forum where those interested in acquiring or providing statistical literacy can meet (in a virtual sense), exchange needs, information and resources, and learn to disseminate statistical literacy in their communities. It replaces the World Numeracy Project of the International Statistical Institute (ISI).

The ISLP is comprised of several projects, each of them focused on one area of statistical literacy. Each project is coordinated by expert volunteers (the project coordinator) who highlight news, compile resources, maintain a web page for their project and execute activities dedicated to increase statistical literacy in their area of expertise. The ISLP Director oversees all the projects and initiates statistical literacy activities that involve all of them and the world community.

The resources compiled by each project coordinator are useful for acquiring and developing statistical literacy at all levels from Primary/Elementary School through Adult Learners. There are also webpages for official statisticians and for journalists and the mass media. Further, there are webpages devoted statistical literacy projects, websites, etc. that have been developed by national statistical offices, national statistical societies, and other non-profit organizations. It is hoped that ISLP resources will be edited and updated in 2013.

The current Director of the ISLP is Reija Helenius. Please, contact the Director if you have any questions.

The Director before Reija Helenius was Juana Sanchez, and before Juana was Carol Blumberg. This project would not have been possible without their work and that of others before them.