IASE 2021 Satellite Conference
Statistics Education in the Era of Data Science
Online conference     30 August – 4 September 2021

Conference Theme

The 2021 IASE satellite will be organized around the theme “Statistics Education in the Era of Data Science”. The ongoing pandemic is the first one humankind is witnessing and suffering through in modern times. The consequences of COVID-19 are everywhere, and how they will impact the future is uncertain. However, despite the tragic circumstances, the pandemic provides an opportunity to revisit some old ways of doing things and perhaps bring changes that may offer something better.

Analyzing the pandemic involves statistics and data science and makes visible the importance of these fields to everyone, at least on some level. The repositories of the top universities (like Johns Hopkins and Oxford) on GitHub have shown the power of open data and open code. Data visualization tools like Gapminder) and Our world in Data) are freely available. State-of-the-art computational tools (like R and RStudio) can be used to investigate data, and openly available materials (like datasets and R codes) can be downloaded to reproduce the steps of an analysis and produce intriguing visualizations. Promoting an interest in data science and learning more about statistics in this era of data, either individually or at school or university, should be a high priority for all of us in the field of statistical education. The following topics will be addressed:

Key dates in 2021

25 JanuaryProposal submission starts
28 FebruaryProposal submission closes
31 MarchNotification of proposal acceptance
1 MayPaper submission opens
31 MayPaper submissions close for refereed papers
30 JunePaper submissions close for non-refereed papers
31 JulyFinal submission of revised refereed papers for the conference
30 SeptemberFinal submission of papers for the Proceedings

Papers and posters

Submissions have now closed.