IASE 2020 Roundtable Conference
New Skills in the Changing World
of Statistics Education
6 – 10 July 2020, Nanjing, China

Submission process

If you wish to be involved with the Roundtable, you need to submit a proposal.

It is vital that you read the Roundtable Discussion Document before you fill in the submission form below.

The deadlines for submission are:

Only you, as Submitter, will receive a personal invitation to participate in the Roundtable if the proposal is accepted. Due to space limits, any co-authors you specify will not be invited (unless they make a separate unrelated submission).

A confirmation email will be sent to you and any listed co-authors after the submission form is completed. The email will include a link that will enable the Submitter to revise the submission details if needed, until the deadline for submissions. Before you start the submission process, please make sure you have prepared your Structured Description.

Submissions have now closed.