IASE 2020 Roundtable Conference
New Skills in the Changing World
of Statistics Education
6 – 10 July 2020, Nanjing, China


Day by day

Monday 6th July11.00–12.00 (GMT)Welcome by the IPC Chair and the IASE President
Keynote: Chris Wild (Live streaming) — Abstract

Tuesday 7th July10:30–11:30 (GMT)Topic 3, Session 1 Zoom
14:00–15:00 (GMT)Topics 2 & 5, Session 1 Zoom

Wednesday 8th July14:00–15:00 (GMT)Topic 1, Session 1 Zoom
22:00–23:00 (GMT)Topic 6, Session 1 Zoom

Thursday 9th July8:00–9:00 (GMT)Topic 4, Session 1 Zoom
15:00–16:00 (GMT)Topic 3, Session 2 Zoom

Friday 10th July14:00–15:00 (GMT)Topic 1, Session 2 Zoom
15:00–16:00 (GMT)Topics 2 & 5, Session 2 Zoom

Saturday 11th July7:00–8:00 (GMT)Topic 4, Session 2 Zoom

Sunday 12th July11.00–12.00 (GMT)Overview of thoughts/conclusions
(Live streaming)Closing event

Topic Groups

Topic 1: The use of real and meaningful data in teaching and learning statistics

Discussant: Dilcu Barnes (USA)              Chair: Sibel Kazak (Turkey)


Session 1: Wednesday July 8, 14:00-15:00 GMT

Short paperBig Data Affluence in Statistics Application: A Comparison of Real Life and Simulated Open DataNureni Olawale Adeboye (Nigeria)
Long paperIntegrating ‘Education for Sustainable Development’ in statistics classes: Visual analysis of social and economic data with GapminderMartin Andre (Austria)
Poster2SDR methodological strategy for teaching and learning statistics in Industrial Engineering studentsBlanca Robles (Peru)

Session 2: Friday July 10, 14:00-15:00 GMT

Long paperStatistical Literacy, Quantitative Reasoning, and Data Science: Rethinking the CurriculumGail Burrill (USA)
Short paperWhere is Waldo in Statistic Class? Using Maps to Explore Modern Data TypesMegan Mocko (USA)
PosterUsing psychological testing to make statistics understandable and meaningful: An exploratory studyFrancesca Chiesi (Italia)

Topic 3: The influence of data science on the school curriculum and introductory statistics courses

Discussant: Adam Molnar (USA)              Chair: Nicholas Horton (USA)

Session 1: Tuesday July 7, 10:30-11:30 GMT

Long paperStatistical thinking for the era of big data and artificial intelligence: Toward understanding sustainability trends and issues for the future societyOrlando Gonzalez (Thailand)
Long paperInternational Data Science in Schools ProjectNeil Sheldon (UK)

Session 2: Thursday July 9, 15:00-16:00 GMT

Long paperData science education in secondary schools: Teaching and learning decision trees with CODAP and Jupyter Notebooks as an example of integrating machine learning into statistics educationYannik Fleischer (Germany) / Rolf Biehler (Germany)
Long paperData Science Education in secondary school: How to develop statistical reasoning when exploring data using CODAP and Jupyter NotebooksDaniel Frischemeier (Germany)

Topic 4: Increasing power of technology and its use for doing statistics and for enhancing learning and understanding of key statistical concepts

Discussant: Rolf Biehler (Germany)              Chair: Genelyn Sarte (Philippines)

Session 1: Thursday July 9, 8:00-9:00 GMT

Long paperEnabling statistics undergrads of developing countries to take their first steps toward data science through mobile applicationsSaleha Naghmi Habibullah (Pakistan)
Short paperNew Zealand Teachers’ Perceptions when Hearing Waiting-Time DistributionsStephanie Budgett (New Zealand)

Session 2: Saturday July 11, 7:00-8:00 GMT

Short paperLearning analytics as a tool to permanently feedback lecturers and teaching assistantsFlorian Berens (Germany)
Short paperSimulation-based Exploration of Surveys with Non-responseVon Bing Yap (Singapore)

Topic 2: The emerging role of multivariate thinking in inferential reasoning

Topic 5: The changing nature of data visualization and implications for the curriculum

Discussant: Gail Burrill (USA)              Chair: Daniel Frischemeier (Germany)

Session 1: Tuesday July 7, 14:00-15:00 GMT

Long paperNow is the Time for Causal Inference in Introductory StatisticsKarsten Luebke (Germany)
Short paperAn investigation of statistical reasoning skills of middle school students about distributionTugce Balkaya (Turkey)

Session 2: Friday July 10, 15:00-16:00 GMT

Long paperData Scientists’ epistemic thinking for creating and interpreting visualizations and the impact for students’ data visualization literacyCharlotte Bolch (USA)
Long paperVisualizing multivariate Data: Graphs that tell storiesJoachim Engel (Germany)

Topic 6: Collaboration with other disciplines to enhance students’ statistical understanding

Discussant: Stephanie Budgett (New Zealand)              Chair: Pip Arnold (New Zealand)

Session 1: Wednesday July 8, 22:00-23:00 GMT

Short paperMixture DOE on Video Game PhysicsMason Chen (USA)
Short paperPre-Service Teachers’ Experiences of Integrating Statistical Investigations in their Curriculum AreasSashi Sharma (New Zealand)
Short paperThe project method as a motivator in non-statistical careersTeresita Teran (Argentina)