IASE 2020 Roundtable Conference
New Skills in the Changing World
of Statistics Education
6 – 10 July 2020, Nanjing, China

Update (16 June 2020)

The International Association for Statistical Education (IASE) 2020 Roundtable Conference will take place as a virtual conference on July 6-12, 2020 due to the COVID-19 crisis. There will be an opening session (July 6) and a closing session (July 12) in real-time sessions. In the opening session, Professor Chris Wild (University of Auckland, New Zealand) will give a live keynote at 11.00 AM (GMT+0) that will be recorded and be available online. Online discussions will take place both in real time and asynchronously based on the topic groups (meaningful data, multivariate thinking, influence of data science, technology, changing nature of visualization and collaboration with other disciplines). The timetable as well as the guidelines for preparing and uploading presentations and asynchronous online discussions through a google workspace will be posted in the Program and Notices sections of our website.


Given the rapid developments in the ways of interacting with data enabled by digital technologies, this conference aims to discuss development of foundations for statistical literacy from early school years in moving towards big data and “new” skills in relation to data science and analytics, the role of different types of digital tools, and curricular issues in statistics education. The conference also intends to inspire collaborative efforts with various related disciplines and to build bridges between statisticians, statistics educators, software designers, data scientists and data providers.

Through a mixture of formats including extensive discussions in small groups, the meeting will advance current knowledge about conceptual frameworks, teaching methods, technology solutions, and curricular materials that can support and promote students’ learning and understanding of statistics in this changing world of statistics education. All submissions will be peer-refereed. A main outcome of the Roundtable will be a monograph containing a set of high-standard updated papers and concrete teaching materials, reflecting the discussions and work during the Roundtable. All papers and posters as well as teaching resources based on the Roundtable will be published in the IASE online Proceedings and future Resources webpage. It is possible to participate in the Roundtable in one of four invited roles: Paper presenter, Workshop organizer, Poster presenter, or Discussant leader.

Please which describes the rationale behind the Roundtable and its theme.


  • Questions about the scientific program and submissions can be sent to the Chair of the International Program Committee, Sibel Kazak.