Challenges in Statistics Education-Today and Tomorrow

Presented at: 23 August 2023; 12:00 UTC

Webinar duration: 90 minutes

Presenter(s): Ayse Bilgin, Dani Ben-Zvi, Alejandra Sorto

In this session we will hear from the IASE Past President - Ayse Bilgin, IASE President - Dani Ben-Zvi and IASE President Elect - Alejandra Sorto.

Webinar video

Dani presentation

Alejandra presentation

Ayse presentation


Ayse Bilgin is an Associate Professor in the School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences at Macquarie University. She is the Past-President of the International Association for Statistical Education➶ (IASE) and an elected Member of the International Statistical Institute➶ (ISI). Ayse’s research explores applications of statistics in health sciences and learning and teaching in statistics. Ayse is an academic who uses her statistical knowledge to improve health and wellbeing as well as improving learning and teaching of statistics.

Dani Ben-Zvi is a professor in statistics education and educational technologies in the Faculty of Education at the University of Haifa, Israel. He is the head of the Department of Learning and Instructional Sciences. His research interests draw upon two central aspects of human life: Statistical thinking and technology. He is the co-founder and a co-chair of the International Collaboration for Research on Statistical Reasoning, Thinking, and Literacy (SRTL➶), a leading research group in the area of statistics education. He is the President-Elect of the International Association for Statistical Education (IASE➶).

Dr. M. Alejandra Sorto earned her Master's degree in Statistics from the University of Texas – El Paso and her Ph.D. in Mathematics from Michigan State University, and she is currently a faculty member of the Mathematics Department at Texas State University.