Using the R/exams package for an efficient workflow to design, produce and mark online assessments while safeguarding the academic integrity

Presented at: 12 May 2022; 00:00 UTC

Webinar duration: 90 minutes

Presenter(s): Jaslene Lin - Australia

While noting many innovative teaching opportunities associated with hybrid course delivery, it has sparked many challenges. One of them is safeguarding academic integrity when assessing student learning in a virtual environment, particularly significant for first-year courses with large student enrolment. A flow-on challenge is to provide timely and constructive feedback to students after each assessment. As a result, it calls for a reproducible process to streamline the generation of online tests that tackle the above two challenges.

This virtual webinar will introduce an open-source R/exams package written in R programming language to automatically generate a range of exercise types with various output formats. More specifically, it will demonstrate how to create classes of questions, including single correct answers, multiple correct answers, numeric answers and strings in the context of a first-year introductory statistics unit. In addition, it will demonstrate how to import the output in the format of XLM to Moodle, a Learning Management System (LMS) commonly used by universities worldwide. This virtual webinar is organised to be a hands-on workshop where a brief walkthrough of the key features of the R/exams package is presented, followed by an interactive session where participants get to play around with the package. The webinar will conclude with a joint discussion to share your feedback, insights and brainstorm to improve university assessment practices.


Dr Huan (Jaslene) Lin is a lecturer in statistics (teaching and leadership focused) at the School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences at Macquarie University. She graduated with a PhD in statistics focused on symbolic data analysis from the University of New South Wales in 2018. She spent two years working as a foundation fellow at the Melbourne Institute of Applied Economics and Social Research at the University of Melbourne before joining Macquarie University in late 2020. Despite being new to lecturing at university, she has concentrated on developing scholarly teaching and learning, first by obtaining a Graduate Certificate of Education with a first-in-course award in the Educational Assessment. She looks forward to forging collaborations with like-minded academics and educators to promote scholarship in university teaching.

Specific requirements for participants

This webinar welcomes researchers and academics working in the fields associated with enhancing learning and teaching through the pedagogical use of technologies, such as R/exams package. It would be particularly beneficial for those who have some R-coding proficiency. There is a hands-on session for you to experience first-hand how this package works to serve your assessment purposes.

The webinar will provide an exercise sheet to facilitate you.

Most importantly, come with an open mind, and we can explore and discuss your experience in university assessment practices for online delivery.


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