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JMP Student Edition – Freely Available for ISLP Poster Competition

Starting in 2018, JMP Student Edition➶ is freely available for creating powerful graphics and data analytics in the ISLP poster competition. JMP Student Edition is very easy to learn, and its comprehensive statistics and visualizations make it ideal to tell the stories behind your data.

JMP has many options to import data and to export results. Its unique progressive and visual interface makes JMP the preferred toolset in most industries➶ and in academia➶.

For more information about JMP Student Edition including how to get it, use it and resources for learning it, please follow the links below. To download JMP Student Edition, use the Authorization code provided by your country coordinator.

JMP➶ is a business unit of SAS that produces interactive software for desktop statistical discovery.

Information for country coordinators

JMP Student Edition will be available for students, teachers, faculty staff and country coordinators, who participate in or promote the competition. Students are free to use any software or tools in their work.

Country coordinators provide participants with the Authorization code to download the software. Only after the coordinator has registered the first participants in the competition, the coordinator will receive the code to be further distributed. The country coordinator informs the ISLP Project worker Jaana Kesti (jaana.kesti@stat.fi) about the amount of participants from their country. This can be done at any phase of the competition, and more students can be signed up later.


Why JMP? See our 60 second videos

Product information, incl. Quick Guide, Features and System Requirements

Resources, incl. Learning Library and On-demand webcasts

Free JMP Student Edition download with ISLP code

JMP Tutorial for Posters