IASE 2016 Roundtable Conference
Promoting understanding of statistics about society
19 – 22 July 2016, Berlin, Germany

Session details

(as at 1 July 2016)

Tuesday, 19 July, Session 1, 16.30-18.30

1a: Key Concepts and issues related to Understanding Statistics about Society1b: Engaging with social data to empower decision making and better understanding of societal trends
Chair/Discussant: Ming-Wen An, Rolf BiehlerChair/Discussant: Manfred Borovcnik, Christoph Wassner
Sylvia Kuzmak
Mapping knowledge for probability and statistics application: Mathematical and non-mathematical
Laura Martignon
Empowering Citizens against Typical Misuse of Data Concerning Risks
Philipp Ullmann
Communicating Evidence? On the interaction of Politics, Data and the Public
Maria del Mar Lopez-Martin
Using United Nation Data in the Training of Teachers to Teach Statistics
Iddo Gal
Understanding basic demographic trends: connecting table reading, task design, and context
Giulia DeCandia
Using well-being measures to promote statistical literacy
Travis Weiland
Foregrounding Sociopolitical Awareness and Critique in Secondary School Statistics Curriculum
Lara Cleveland
IPUMS-International: Data Resource for demystifying Comparative Statistics about Society

Wednesday, 20 July, Session 2, 14.30-16.00

2a: Constructions and Misuse of Evidence and Statistics about Society in the Public Domain2b: Promoting understanding of quantitative phenomena in Social and Health Sciences
Chair/Discussant: Hauke Friedrich, Alejandra SortoChair/Discussant: Dani Ben-Zvi, Susanne Podworny
Lars Rinsdorf
The need to reflect: Data Journalism as an aspect of disrupted practice in digital journalism & Journ. Ed
Sheena Rughubar-Reddy
Quantitative Literacy interventions in the faculty of health sciences for medical students at Cape Town
Thilo Klein
An indicator for statistical literacy based on national newspaper archives
Florin Fesnic
Explaining political surprises: determinants of voting in Ukrainian presidential elections
Jim Ridgway
Deriving heuristics from political speeches for understanding statistics about society
Mark Brown
Engaging Students in quantitative methods: real questions, real data

Wednesday, 20 July, Session 3, 16.30-18.00

3a: Efforts by Statistical Offices to Promote Understanding of Statistics about Society3b: Preparing College Students Teaching and Civic Statistics
Chair/Discussant: Doreen Connor, Stefan KraussChair/Discussant: Ayse Bilgin, Emilse Gomes-Torres
Marleen DeSmedt
European Statistics and Eurostat’s contribution to improving stat lit
Mary Gray
Enhancing the Understanding of Statistics through Student-conducted Data-Gathering
Alessandro Valentini
A multifaceted approach to increasing stat lit in Italy: the work of the ISTAT territorial network
Aimee Schwab-McCoy
Developing A First-Year Seminar Course in Statistics and Data Science
Silvia DaValle
Statistica enigmistica: An ISTAT puzzle magazine to introduce non-specialists to statistics
Achim Schiller
Civic Statistics and the preparation of future secondary school mathematics teachers

Thursday, 21 July, Session 4, 13.30-15.30

4a: Concepts and Reflective Reports Engaging Social Data in High School Teaching4b: Teaching with Aggregated Data and Microdata
Chair/Discussant: Ming-Wen An, Rolf BiehlerChair/Discussant: Manfred Borovcnik, Christoph Wassner
Einat Gil & Alison Gibbs
Introducing Secondary School Students to Big Data and its Social Impact
Peter Kovacs
Hungarian Visualization Tools on Official Social-economic data in Classes
Katja Krüger
Data that concern us – new ways of teaching statistics at high schools
Pedro Campos
The Use of Microdata versus Aggregated Data in Teaching and Learning Migration Statistics
Enriqueta Reston
Promoting statistical literacy and understanding of youth population dynamics for senior high school
Daniel Frischemeier
Competencies and dispositions for exploring micro data with digital tools
Adam Molnar
High School mathematics teachers’ reading of tables

Friday, 22 July, Session 5, 9.10-10.10

5a: Presentation5b: Presentation
Chair/Discussant: Doreen Connor, Stefan KraussChair/Discussant: Dani Ben Zvi, Susanne Podworny
Rob Gould
Preparing secondary teachers to teach data science: lessons learned
James Nicholson
Teaching statistical literacy by getting students to use real data: 40 years of experience in 40 minutes

Friday, 22 July, Session 6, 10.40-12.10

6a: Promoting Civic Engagement via Understanding Multivariate Social Phenomena6b: Engaging Social Data with Technology
Chair/Discussant: Andreas Prömmel, Alejandra SortoChair/Discussant: Ayse Bilgin, Gomes Torres
Klara Kazar
Using Statistical Datasets for describing poverty and income inequality
Smaranda Cimpoeru:
New data visualization tools for better understanding statistics
Silas Bergen
Melding Data with Social Justice in Undergraduate Statistics and Data Science Courses
Hans-Joachim Mittag
Using mobile devices for interactively visualizing basic statistical concepts and official data
Joachim Engel
Statistics education and monitoring progress towards civil rights
Djordje Kadijevich
Data Modelling with dashboards: opportunities and challenges

Friday, 22 July, Session 7, 10.40-12.10

7: Discussants present thoughts and conclusions
Facilitator: Iddo Gal, Jim Ridgway