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ISLP Poster Competition 2020-2021

The ISLP Poster Competition 2020-2021 had an impressive result of 16,600 participants from 31 countries, despite the Covid-19 pandemic. The ISLP thanks all participants!

The prizes of the winners are kindly sponsored by JMP/SAS, our sponsor in the Poster Competition. The ISLP sends its warmest thanks for your generosity!

The ISLP Poster Competition 2020-2021 winners were announced during the virtual ISI World Statistics Congress 2021. The Best Cooperative Award winners were also announced at this time.

The Poster Competition started in 2020 with national competitions organised by the ISLP country coordinators. The international final took place in the spring 2021. An international jury consisting of statistics experts evaluated the winning posters from each country.

The judging panel members were:

  • Chair: James R. Nicholson (United Kingdom),
  • Ana Serradó Bayés (Spain),
  • Delia North (South Africa),
  • Afshin Ashofteh (Iran),
  • Anushka Karkelanova (USA),
  • Matt Parry (New Zealand)

International winners

  • Click on the poster title to download the poster.
  • Click on the winners’ names to see a photograph.

Winners - Undergraduate division

(Bachelor’s degree students or equivalent)

1st prizePakistanPersistent Sign and Symptoms in Survived Patients from Covid-19University of Gujrat Mr. Ali Hassan, Ms. Fatima Aslam
2nd prizeArgentinaEffect of Selenium Salts on Development of Alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.) Under Waterlogging (English translation)Facultad de Ciencias Agrarias. Universidad Nacional del Litoral. Santa FeWalter Gastón Cucit y Mélani Cúnico. Professor: Fernando Muñoz
3rd prizeIranEffect of body massage on the growth of low birth weight (LBW) neonates University of Isfahan Supervisor: Dr. Nasrollah Iranpanah, Students: Neda Hatamian, Fatemeh Yazdani, Zahra Malekzadeh, Maryam Ghiabi, Zahra Foroughi

Winners - Older age division

(born in 2001 and younger, upper secondary school)

1st prize BulgariaThe environment surrounding us - What I do and can do in order to live in a clean and orderly world High School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics - BlagoevgradAlexander Ganchev, Dima Angelova, Konstantin Dobrev
2nd equal prizeSingaporeThe Environmental "Cent"iment Behind Urban Design - Effect of various urban environmental elements on Singapore's housing priceRiver Valley High SchoolWANG Zixun, WU Zhenshuo, GU Yingqi, TENG Yee Shin, Damon ONG Wen Zheng
2nd equal prizeSouth KoreaFor 100% Recycling of Waste in JEJU! NLCS JejuSeonghyun Yoon, Seo Yoon Park, Daewoong Kang
Honorary mentionIrelandUsing chitosan to create a biodegradable, antimicrobial plastic alternative to aid in the reduction of plastic waste in hospital Loreto Balbriggan Mizna Shahid and Zainib Shahid

Winners - Younger age division

(born in 2004 and younger, lower secondary school)

1st prizeJapanCorrelation between Winning Percentage in Home Stadium and Environmental and Crowd Pressure Kobe University Secondary SchoolYAMAMOTO Nozomi, OGAWA Chiharu, and WAKISAKA Kie
2nd prizeSouth KoreaCOVID-19, What do you think? Cheonan Yonggok Middle School Seobin Han, Seoyeon Sa
3rd prize BulgariaVultures and Young People Today “Kozma Trichkov” Secondary school, Vratsa Aleksandrina Dimitrova, Gabriela Krumova, Eva Yordanova, Yoana Shomakliyska, Militsa Shomakliyska
Honorary mentionFinlandFinland Recycles (English translation) Paraistenseudun kouluJohn Blomqvist, Aaro Hautala
Honorary mentionSpainWhat is the Most Effective Fertilizer? IES Pontepedriña (Santiago de Compostela) Teacher:Concepción Sieiro Verdura. Students: Aldán Mosquera Trilla, Daniel Iglesias Lópes, Valentín Giovani Ferotti y Xián Paredes Diégues

Full list of posters