Poster Competition Timetable

Some dates in the timetable are compulsory for all of the participating countries. The beginning of the competition and the deadline for submitting the national winner poster(s) to the ISLP website are the same for all countries. Otherwise, the timetable is indicative and the participating countries may apply it the way they choose.

Phases of competition DatesISLP Director Country Coordinator and national organizing committee ISLP Advisory Board/ISLP Executive Teachers ISI
Nomination of members for national organising committees by country coordinator As soon as possible
Rules, instructions, internet registration form, call for competition By 3.9.2012
Finding sponsors/funding for national competition As soon as possible
Finding sponsors/funding for international competition By end of 2012
Translation of rules and instructions from English into native languages By 24.8.2012
Marketing of competition 1.7.2012 -
Closing date for registration 12.5.2013
Summary of participants to ISLP Executive/Advisory Board By 14.5.2013
Preparing posters 3.9.2012 -
Judging posters in schools/locally/regionally Country dependent
Submitting the best poster to national committees Country dependent
Judging posters in national organising committees or in separate valuation committee Country dependent
Organising a poster display and a national award ceremony Country dependent
Nominating the international judging committee By 31.12.2012
Submitting the best posters of each country to the ISLP website Opens 1 February, closes 12 May 2013
Judging posters (international final) Electronic meeting in May-June 2013
Organising a poster display at ISI2013 meeting (at least winning poster, second and third runner up) During the ISI2013 meeting
Announcing and awarding the international winners During the ISI2013 meeting