Judging criteria

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1. Clarity of the message

  • Is the poster understandable without extra information?
  • Are the objectives, research question, or hypotheses clear?
  • Are the results and conclusions clear?
  • Is the poster clearly and logically set out?

2. Data collection

  • Is the collected data appropriate for answering the research question?
  • Are the methods of data collection (i.e. accuracy of measurements, size of the sample, reliability of sources etc.) clearly stated?
  • Are the sources of data mentioned in the poster?

3. Analysis and conclusions

  • Are the data analysed in terms of the research question or hypotheses?
  • Is the analysis appropriate for the kind of data collected?
  • How well is the research question answered?
  • Are there conclusions and are they supported by the data?
  • Are there any limitations discussed or improvements in future studies suggested?

4. Graphs and tables

  • Are the graphs/tables/statistics appropriate for displaying and summarizing the data?
  • Are there enough graphs/tables from different perspectives?
  • Does every graph/table add something to the poster?
  • Are the graphs/tables properly headed and explained?

5. Presentation

  • Is the poster readable from 2 metres (7 feet) away?
  • Is there a good balance between graphs and text?
  • Does the poster look neat?

6. Creativity/importance

  • Is the research question creative, original?
  • Can the study answer an interesting question?
  • Is the design creative and original?
  • Is the poster eye-catching?