Guide for ISLP Country Coordinators

Download: English, Spanish, Slovak


If any competition details need clarifying, please contact the ISLP Directors Reija Helenius, Sharleen Forbes or Pedro Campos (in Spanish and Portuguese).

National competition

It is recommended that you form a national committee to run the competition. This could involve members of teacher associations, statistical faculties, national statistics offices and societies.

The country coordinator is responsible for all aspects of national competition, including:

  • Informing Reija by email if you are arranging the competition in your country.
  • Obtaining sponsorship (national prizes, etc). For example, local companies often donate some money or goods. National statistics organisations may offer winners a chance to come together to present their posters and maybe arrange some activities for that day. We suggest that you start finding sponsors for prizes as soon as possible.
  • Translating the competition material into native language(s). The original documents are in English.
  • Structure of competition can follow suggested model (best posters from schools to national final) or have some regional phase in the middle (might be good for larger countries) or another structure of your choosing.
  • Timetable suggestions are available but these can be adjusted to suit your country. NOTE: National winners must be selected and uploaded to the website by 12th May 2013. See below.
  • Promoting publicity in a form suitable for your country. This may be via your own or another website, if you have suitable one. (For example, the material and timetable in Finnish is released in Statistics Finland’s student corner). Try to find events, fairs, newsletters, magazines or mailing lists that you could use to spread the information about the competition. Teacher associations, statistical faculties, offices and societies can be used to contact schools and teachers.
  • Receiving contact information. You will receive the contact information of the teachers that have registered in Internet from the ISLP Director. If someone does not have Internet available, they can register by sending a letter or calling you. Your task is then to fill the Internet registration form for them or send the information to the ISLP director Reija Helenius.
  • Informing the participants. After receiving contact information, you should send an information package to participating teachers that includes: general information, rules, teachers’ notes, judging criteria, guidelines for making a poster, timetable of your competition and instructions for sending the posters to you.
  • Judging of national winners. It is suggested that a jury of 2-4 persons from different areas of statistics (professor/school teacher/worker in statistics office/environment expert/etc) is formed. You can also be a member of the jury. See judging criteria for the international competition.

Sending the winning posters to ISLP

You will need to upload the winning posters from the national competition to the website. If you have received physical posters on paper, take a good quality picture or photocopy of them and upload it.

NOTE: If posters are not in English, an English translation must also be supplied. Leave the poster as it is and upload the translation as a separate file.

DATES: Posters can be uploaded during the period 1 February 2013 to 12 May 2013. You will be informed of a web page for doing this.