International Year of Statistics 2013

The ISLP was proud to participate in the International Year of Statistics 2013➶, a worldwide celebration of the contributions of statistical science to the advancement of our global society.

More than 700 organizations—universities, research institutes, high schools, professional societies, government agencies and businesses—in nearly 100 countries joined to celebrate and promote the importance of statistical science to the science community, businesses, governments, the news media, policymakers, employers, students and the public.

During this year-long celebration, International Statistical Literacy Project and the hundreds of other participating organizations around the world aimed to:

  • increase public awareness of the power and impact of statistics on all aspects of our society,
  • nurture statistics as a profession, especially among high-school and college students,
  • promote creativity and development in the sciences of probability and statistics.

Statistics2013 Photo Contest

Get your camera and your photographic eye ready for the newly announced International Year of Statistics (Statistics2013) Photo Contest! If you are selected a winner, you will receive a cash prize of up to $800 (U.S. dollars) for your photograph! This new competition—organized by continents—is for secondary-school students (grades/years 7-12) around the world. The contest launched September 9 and the deadline for entries is November 1. Winners will be announced on or about December 16. The winner of the top overall photo will receive $800 and prizes totaling $700 will be awarded to the top three winners on each continent (excluding Antarctica). More information, submission instructions and contest criteria➶. For more information, email Jeff Myers.

Message from International Year of Statistics Steering Committee

Ron Wasserstein, Executive Director, ASA, on behalf of the International Year of Statistics Steering Committee writes:

“As of today, June 22, 2012, there are 515 organizations from 81 countries signed on as participating organizations. This includes 90 professional societies, 184 universities, 83 government agencies, 47 business, 39 secondary schools, 15 research institutes, and 57 subgroups of the ASA.

If you have colleagues who would like to receive these updates directly, encourage them to go here➶ and click on the “Get the Newsletter” button.

We are excited to launch an international video contest to help launch the worldwide celebration in 2013 of the positive impact of statistical science!

We invite videos of four minutes in length or less that illustrate:

  • how statistics impacts individual lives, improves society, or in general makes the world more a better place
  • how statistical thinking can be brought to bear on important issues of our day
  • interesting careers in statistics (tell the world why your job in statistics is a great job, or why it is interesting and fun to be a statistician)

Cash prizes of $250-$1000 US will be offered for the best videos, with special prizes for the best videos by a person or persons 18 years of age or less and the best non-English language videos. (Providing us with a written translation or providing English subtitles would be especially helpful.)

Entries will be judged on their statistical content and their entertainment value. All submissions must be the original design and creation of the entrants and must not infringe anyone else’s copyright protections.

Submissions must be posted on YouTube with a link sent to Tom Short, chair of the Statistics2013 Video Contest review committee, tshort@jcu.edu, by October 31, 2012. Winning and honorable mention videos will be posted on the International Year of Statistics website throughout 2013.

We are developing posters to be used during 2013. Here➶ you will see one such poster idea. Would you please consider sending me a note with one example of an important contribution statistics has made in your part of the world? Our plan is to select examples from around the world, put them in the “bubbles” on the poster, and make them available for translation into many other languages. Please note these bubbles are placed just to illustrate the idea of the poster, and will be moved around as needed.

Many people are asking “What should we be doing to celebrate the International Year of Statistics?” There are many activities you could undertake.

Here are a few examples:

  • Have a special conference, or add a component on the International Year of Statistics to your conferences already planned
  • Hold special workshops or symposia on important topics in statistics for your area
  • Host events that promote to young people careers in statistics
  • Spread the word in your area about the positive impact of statistics (get in your local news, write blogs on the web, distribute brochures -whatever works best for you)
  • Have special editions of your journals or magazines related to Statistics2013
  • Use the opportunity to make new partnerships and new friends

We’re sure you’ll come up with many other interesting ideas. Send me a note about your planned activities, and I will share them with everyone, to help you spread the word and to help others come up with ideas.

That’s it for now. Thank you for your support of the International Year of Statistics.”

ISLP involvement

IASE and ISLP organized various events during the International Year of Statistics 2013. The most important event by ISLP was the International Statistical Poster Competition which was launched in autumn 2012.