IASE 2017 Satellite Conference
Teaching Statistics in a Data Rich World
11 – 14 July 2017, Rabat, Morocco


The 2017 IASE Satellite conference will be hosted by the Faculty of Sciences at the campus of the Mohammed V University of Rabat. The Campus venue is located at 4 Ibn Battouta Avenue, Rabat, not too far from the old city center and some other interesting and historical sites.

Map is showing location of the Faculty of Sciences, UM5.


Lunches will be provided on Wednesday and Thursday on the venue. We recommend you to use this option - will give you possibility to interact with colleagues. Lunch tickets will be sold at the conference registration desk.

Conference dinner

Bus will be provided for transportation to the restaurant and back to the city. The bus will depart right after the conference program ends from the Faculty of Sciences (18:00+). On the way to the restaurant, we will have a short visit to some Rabat historical sites (Hasan tower).

If you booked the dinner and didn't pay yet, or would like to purchase additional ticket, you can pay for the dinner in cash at the registration desk by Wednesday.


Arrival to Rabat

Transportation to Marrakesh for WSC61 attendees

Accommodation / Hotels

Delegates are invited to stay in one of the nearby hotels, which are close to the venue. Suggested hotels ar at a distance of less than 2km from the conference venue in the direction of the city center.

Below is a list of suggested hotels (You are also free to search for other hotels in that area and/or book your hotel directly via commercial websites such as Hotels.com or Booking.com). Enter the websites of the hotels below via the Links provided, if needed choose the "English" option on top. Note: rooms are subject to availability; due to high demand, you are advised to make your reservations soon.

In the selected hotels (see below) rooms with local proces are blocked until May 31.

After May 31, hotels will offer any roms left under the regular conditions and prices.

Reserve your room using our

We will send your pre-reservation to the selected hotel and they will contact you about the payment and conditions.

Helnan Chellah Hotel **** (70+ rooms)

2 Rue D'infi, about 15 min walk from the venue link

Room for 1 person : about 44€ with a breakfast.

Room for 2 persons: 720MAD (about 66€) with a breakfast.

Room for 2 persons: 870MAD (about 82€) with breakfast + dinner

Hotel La Capitale *** (10 rooms)

7 bis Rue Soussa, about 15 min walk from the venue link

Room with large bed 612 MAD (about 55€) with breakfast.

Room with twin bed 774 MAD (about 70€) with breakfast.

Oumlil Hotel **** (20 rooms)

31, Avenue OKBA - Agdal, about 10 minutes walk from the venue. link

Room for 1 person : 70€ with a breakfast and 90€ with a breakfast and 1 meal (Lunch or dinner).

Room for 2 persons: 100€ with a breakfast and 130€ with a breakfast and 1 meal (Lunch or dinner).

Hotel Ourida *** (10 rooms)

14 Rue Achaari, Agdal, about 10 min walk from the venue link

Room for 1 person : 40€ with a breakfast.

Room for 2 persons: 60€ with a breakfast.

Room for 3 persons: 70€ with a breakfast.

The University dorms (for students)

cost about 5€ a day. About 15 mn by the TRAM from the venue. If interested, contact LOC chair at locc.iase@gmail.com and use the form to record the reservation.

All prices are approximate (depend on exchange rate) and include tax.


Many visitors to Morocco do not need the visa. The list of visa free countries and instructions for visa application are available at WSC61 Visa site.

For helpful information about visiting Morocco visit WSC61 web site and select Useful Information.