International Association
for Statistical Education
IASE 2012 Roundtable Conference
Technology in Statistics Education: Virtualities and Realities
2 – 6 July 2012       Cebu City, The Philippines

Statistical Institute

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The IASE 2012 Roundtable Conference will be held in Cebu City in the Philippines, and will bring together a group of experts, scholars, practitioners, and researchers, representing as many different countries as possible, to discuss views and approaches concerning the role of technology in statistics education.

The Conference will provide opportunities for developing better mutual understanding of common problems and for making recommendations concerning the statistics curriculum.

A main outcome of the Roundtable will be a monograph containing a set of high-standard reviewed papers, which have been prepared for, and discussed during, the conference. The monograph will present a global overview of the conference that can serve as a starting point for further research on issues related to the role of technology in statistics education.


Data are fundamental to statistics, and how we use and teach technology affects how our students perceive and interact with data, and on their learning of statistics. Statistics educators are challenged not only to improve their use of technology, but also to develop and implement educational technology effectively, which can have an important effect on the curriculum and classroom practice that they develop. Researchers of statistics education are motivated to understand how technology mediates students and teachers’ understanding of fundamental statistical concepts, and to use this understanding to design improved educational technology and resources that will improve the curriculum.

The 2012 IASE Roundtable Conference will focus on the following topics:

» Further details of these topics and how to submit a proposal for a paper

Important deadlines:

Discussants and Moderators

The IASE 2012 Roundtable is now accepting applications for those who wish to participate in the Roundtable in the role of Discussant. Discussants have the responsibility for participating in a short panel presentation in which they compare and contrast the day’s presentations and set the presentations in an appropriate scholarly context. Each discussant will be responsible for only one day, and there will be as many as three on a panel.

Discussants should be statistics educators at any level, developers of educational technology, developers of statistics curricula, students of statistics education, or scholars in education or statistics with experience in statistics education. To apply, we ask that you provide us with a brief statement of your academic background, current affiliation, and also tell us for which of the Roundtable topic areas you would prefer to serve as a discussant, and why. A description of the topic areas can be found here. Please send to Robert Gould by 15 March 2012. Persons from developing countries are eligible for financial support.

Support for 2012 IASE Roundtable presenters from developing countries

Through ISI, the World Bank has generously made available support for participants from developing countries in ISI Association conferences for 2012. (See the World Bank’s list of developing countries: link1 link2.)

The objective of the World Bank is “to improve the capacity of statistical officers and academics in developing countries providing them with basic statistical knowledge to develop statistical systems through the participation in international conferences”.

If you have submitted a proposal for the 2012 IASE Roundtable, are from a World Bank-listed developing country, and are in need of financial support to enable attendance, you are eligible to apply for financial support to attend this conference. There are limited funds and the criteria below will be used to decide who can receive funding.

Awards and support will be allocated by the IASE Executive, using the criteria of:

Please email Helen MacGillivray by 31st March, 2012. In your email, please state (i) your country and institution; (ii) your planned contribution to the Roundtable; (iii) briefly your need for financial support, giving estimated costs for airfare and accommodation; and (iv) any other source of financial support.


The venue is the Montebello Villa Hotel.

Information about travel, tourist attractions, entertainment and visa information can be accessed from the About Cebu page.


Email Rob Gould, Chair of Scientific Program Committee

Scientific Program Committee


We gratefully acknowledge the support of the following organizations for this event: