IASE sessions at the 57th session of the International Statistical Institute

16-22 August 2009, Durban, South Africa

This is the main conference of the International Statistical Institute (ISI). These conferences are held every two years. As it does at each major ISI conference, IASE will be organizing about 10 statistics education sessions for the next conference. Please check the website above or contact the session organizers below for more information.

IPM15 The challenge of building a supply of statisticians for the future

Organizer: Nancy McBeth

Participants: Olav Ljones (Norway, Chair IAOS), Allan Rossman (USA, Chair IASE)

Panelist: John Kovar for Munir Sheikh (Canada)

Panelist: Sastry Pantula (USA)

Panelist: Tertius De Wet (South Africa)

Committees Responsible: IAOS, IASE

IPM37 The roles of statistical agencies in developing statistical literacy

Organizer: Reija Helenius, Finland

Participants: Gunter Schaefer (Germany), Siu-Ming Tam (Australia), Pedro Campos with Pinto Martins (Portugal)

Discussants: Heli Mikkelä (Finland), Tae Rim Lee (Korea)

Committees Responsible: IASE, IAOS

IPM38 Educating the public on how to use official statistics

Organizer: Peter Wingfield-Digby

Participants: Ben Paul Mungyereza (Uganda), Chun-keung Leo Yu (Hong Kong), Art Ridgway with Mary Townsend (Canada)

Discussants: Davaasuren Chultemjamts (Mongolia), Hilary Joffe (South Africa)

Committees Responsible: IASE, Local Hosts

IPM39 Challenges faced in Statistics Education in African countries

Organizer: Delia North, South Africa

Participants: Temegen Zewotir (South Africa/Ethiopia), Eshetu Woncheko (Ethiopia), John W. Odhiambo (Kenya)

Committees Responsible: IASE, Local Hosts

IPM40 Balancing the training of future statisticians for workplace and research

Organizer: Helen MacGillivray, Australia

Participants: Charles Rohde (USA), Linda Haines (South Africa), Murray Cameron (Australia), Pam Arroway (USA)

Discussant: Pieternel Verhoeven

Committees Responsible: IASE

IPM41 Exploiting the Progress in Statistical Graphics and Computing for the benefit of Statistical Literacy

Organizer: Juana Sanchez, USA

Participants: Dianne Cook (USA), Naomi Robbins (USA), Lars Thygesen (Denmark), Helen North (South Africa)

Committees Responsible: IASE

IPM42 Survey Research in Statistics Education

Organizer: Irena Ograjensek, Slovenia

Participants: Mojca Bavdaz with Irena Ograjensek (Slovenia), Paul Fields (USA), Natalie Shlomo (UK)

Discussants: Steven Heeringa (USA)

Committees Responsible: IASE

IPM43 Research on Informal Inferential Reasoning

Organizer: Katie Makar, Australia

Participants: Chris Reading (Australia), Aisling Leavy (Ireland), Jim Hammerman (USA)

Discussant: Jim Ridgway (UK)

Committees Responsible: IASE

IPM44 Teaching, Learning and Assessing Statistics Problem Solving in Higher Education

Organizer: Neville Davies, UK

Participants: Jenny Freeman (UK), Helen MacGillivray (Australia), Penny Bidgood (UK)

Discussant: John Marriott (UK)

Committees Responsible: IASE

IPM45 Technologies for learning and teaching in developing countries

Organizer: Gabriella Belli, USA

Participants: Blanca Ruiz (Mexico), Bettie Basson (South Africa), Tae Rim Lee (Korea)

Discussant: Neville Davies (UK)

Committees Responsible: IASE

IPM46 Virtual Learning Environments for Statistics Education

Organizer: Pieternel Verhoeven, Netherlands

Participants: Dirk Tempelaar (Netherlands), Jane Horgan (Ireland), Paul Darius (Belgium), Annette Dobson (Australia)

Discussant: Irena Ograjensek (Slovenia)

IASE Sessions Chair

Helen MacGillivray

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